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Uninet DTF

The UNINET® DTF™ 100 is a tiny but mighty direct-to-film digital transfer printer, capable of creating A3+ up to 13" x 19" wide high-quality image cut sheet prints. It is the most affordable and adaptable way to quickly print on-demand high-quality DTF transfers at home without taking up a lot of room.

This device is precisely configured for manual DTF powder application and capable of generating basic or complicated, colorful weedless digital transfers in a single pass. Allows you to print on light and dark-colored fabrics and use an almost unlimited variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas, blends, and much more! 

Benefits of Direct to Film Transfers:

Multiple Fabric Types

Any Color, Any Material:  DTF transfers seamlessly adhere to multiple fabric types, regardless of color. Decorate cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, denim, and more. Unlock a world of vibrant possibilities for your designs!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use: Heat and pressure are all you need to transfer your designs. No need for pretreatment spray or tricky adhesive sheets. The transfer process is so simple that you can even sell your transfers for customers to apply themselves. 


Durable:  Engineered to withstand the test of time, DTF transfers boast unparalleled durability, ensuring that your designs remain vibrant and intact through countless washes and wears.

Soft and Stretchable

Soft and Stretchable: DTF transfers offer a silky-smooth touch and unparalleled stretchability, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement with every wear.

Long Shelf Life

Long Shelf Life: With proper storage, DTF transfers can last for 1 year or longer. Print your more popular designs ahead of time, and press them on your schedule. 

What's Included:

Not Included, but Also Needed:


  • WICS (White Ink Circulation System): a motor to agitate the white ink in the tank, combined with a separate white ink management system that can be enabled by pressing the switch button to pump the white ink throughout the entire printer system always to guarantee smooth and consistent ink flow.
  • DTF Sheet Exit Tray: to assist the transfer sheets out of the printer after they have been printed and prevent the paper from getting buckled or snagged by the rollers. It keeps the film sheet from curling and the ink from smearing.
  • Ink Tank System (no cartridges needed) for easy, and mess-free refills
  • Print on up to 13" (A3+) film sheets
  • 1440 dpi resolution
  • High-definition and professional inkjet printhead
  • Uninet DTF ProRIP: Advanced RIP Software features exceptional file preparation, white and color management, production automation functionality, and more.
  • Uninet  DTF Master Class Video Training Series: Discover everything there is to know about DTF printing, maximize the value of your equipment, and be inspired to expand your business even further.
  • Printer Roll Feeder with auto-feeding capabilities
  • Ink tanks with Continuous Feed System
  • Internal Controllable Vacuum Suction (prevents film buckling)
  • White Ink Circulation Engine (helps circulate white ink)


  • Print Speed: 8 to 10 minutes per A3 Sheet
  • Resolution: 1440 dpi
  • Printhead: A high-definition and professional inkjet printhead
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows® 10 / 11
  • Interfaces: USB connection
  • Paper Capacity: Transfer film sheets: Up to 13" x 19" (330 mm x 482 mm)
  • Rated Power: 16W
  • Size: 27.8" W x 12.7" D x 8.5" H
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Power: AC 110/60Hz
  • Warranty: 1 year

*This product is FINAL SALE*

WARNING: Work in a WELL VENTILATED AREA and use protective equipment when working with DTF products and processes. It is highly recommended the use of a Fume Extractor to handle the fumes caused by TPU adhesive powder curing. Bodily protection, including the use of PPE equipment such as a full body covering, a respirator / N95 mask, goggles and gloves are recommended to protect against TPU adhesive powder (prior to curing) that may become airborne due to handling. Inhalation of TPU adhesive powder or fumes may be hazardous to your health. The use of DTF equipment, chemicals, powders, inks and all accessories are at the sole risk of the user. DTF equipment is intended for use in a commercial environment. It is not recommended to use DTF equipment in a residential, or in-home setting. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 50% humidity is highly recommended to minimize the risk of ink clogs and film buckling. Add a Fume Extractor to this package for sufficient fume extraction.

DTF printers require daily use/maintenance! You must perform a head cleaning, nozzle check and a test print every day to ensure the printer is running smoothly and to prevent printhead and capping station clogs. Printheads and capping stations are considered consumables and are not covered under warranty if they clog. Clogs can occur even after one print, so maintenance must start the moment you install ink.

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In addition, Uninet, the manufacturer, offers a 1-Year (parts and labor) warranty on this product. For warranty claims, we may need to involve the official Uninet team depending on the reported issue.

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